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US-8306766-B2: Systems and methods for calibrating physiological characteristic sensors patent, US-8353109-B2: Knife patent, US-8325064-B2: Electronic navigation system and method patent, US-7479478-B2: Human parathyroid hormone modifications, preparation and use patent, US-8547707-B2: Split electrical contacts in an electronic assembly patent, US-7662584-B2: Increased production of secreted proteins by recombinant eukaryotic cells patent, US-7596387-B2: System for efficiently covering a sectorized cell utilizing beam forming and sweeping patent, US-2005042098-A1: Method for operating a wind park patent, US-8450294-B2: Shampoo compositions patent, US-7029935-B2: Transmissive optical elements including transparent plastic shell having a phosphor dispersed therein, and methods of fabricating same patent, US-7209051-B2: Intersection assistance system and method patent, US-7560808-B2: Chip scale power LDMOS device patent, US-7588873-B2: Methods and apparatus for providing a liquid coating for an organic photoconductive drum patent, US-7135145-B2: Device for agitating the fluid contents of a container patent, US-7928053-B2: Multiphase cleaning compositions having ionic liquid phase patent, US-7958329-B2: Hybrid replicated shared memory patent, US-7487602-B2: Climate configurable sole and shoe patent, US-8069621-B2: Ridge vent apparatus patent, US-6876072-B1: Semiconductor chip assembly with chip in substrate cavity patent, US-7416823-B2: Electrophotographic photoconductor, and image formation method, image formation apparatus, and process cartridge for image formation apparatus using the same patent, US-7203572-B2: System and method for distributing drink supply containers patent, US-7066284-B2: Method and apparatus for a monodiameter wellbore, monodiameter casing, monobore, and/or monowell patent, US-7338599-B2: Filtration systems and fitting arrangements for filtration systems patent, US-7197309-B2: Mobile station ciphering configuration procedure in an unlicensed wireless communication system patent, US-8235708-B2: Heater configured to operate with a first or second fuel patent, US-7485313-B2: Recombinant Chlamydia trachomatis pgp3 protein suitable for enzyme-linked immunoassay, and used of the protein in eliciting and diagnosing an immune response patent, US-7921965-B1: Soundproof assembly and methods for manufacturing same patent, US-7410910-B2: Lanthanum aluminum oxynitride dielectric films patent, US-8472877-B2: Iterative interference cancellation system and method patent, US-6849403-B1: Apparatus and method for drug screening patent, US-7359589-B2: Coupling electromagnetic wave through microcircuit patent, US-8388436-B2: Gaming device having multiple interacting independently operable wheels patent, US-8480779-B2: Air filter arrangement; assembly; and, methods patent, US-8180029-B2: Telecommunication and multimedia management method and apparatus patent, US-7731492-B2: Fuel charge for melting plate candle assembly and method of supplying liquefied fuel to a wick patent, US-8495886-B2: Model-based alarming patent, US-8185940-B2: System and method for providing discriminated content to network users patent, US-691254-A: Means for positioning and firing heavy ordnance. patent, US-694396-A: Apparatus for vaporizing liquids. patent, US-702999-A: Portable fireplace and chimney. patent, US-719158-A: Shock-loader. patent, US-719462-A: Garment-clasp. patent, US-757825-A: Rocket apparatus for taking photographs. patent, US-762591-A: Device for heating or cooling air. patent, US-763804-A: Fabric-cutting machine. patent, US-796620-A: Volume and pressure register for fluids. patent, US-821921-A: Automatic magazine-gun. patent, US-850691-A: Electrical indicator. patent, US-6790733-B1: Preserving TEOS hard mask using COR for raised source-drain including removable/disposable spacer patent, US-6852584-B1: Method of trimming a gate electrode structure patent, US-7140754-B2: Transformable flashlight apparatus patent, US-7613999-B2: Navigable telepresence method and systems utilizing an array of cameras patent, US-8053651-B1: Maize variety hybrid X7M658 patent, US-8275138-B2: Dynamic acoustic rendering patent, US-8295782-B2: RF bus access protocol and transceiver and methods for use therewith patent, US-6996893-B1: Method of assembling a plurality of disk drives patent, US-7042511-B2: Apparatus and method for video data processing in digital video decoding patent, US-7043250-B1: Systems and methods for forming and operating a communications network patent, US-7298236-B2: Circuit breaker electromagnetic tripping device patent, US-8248098-B2: Apparatus and method for measuring characteristics of semiconductor device patent, US-8569132-B2: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-6875915-B1: Lightning arrester patent, US-6919123-B2: Transparent and/or translucent card with three-dimensional graphics patent, US-7073918-B1: Compact multifunction tool for use with computers patent, US-7091797-B2: MOS-type variable capacitance element and voltage control oscillation circuit patent, US-7149748-B1: Expanded inverted index patent, US-7638369-B2: Semiconductor chip and method of fabricating the same patent, US-8259196-B2: Comparator, method of calibrating comparator, solid-state imaging device, and camera system patent, US-8281480-B2: Method for manufacturing wireless receiver patent, US-8320149-B2: Multi-chip module with master-slave analog signal transmission function patent, US-8477687-B2: Wireless mesh network system and control method thereof, and wireless device patent, US-6816861-B2: CAD information management system and CAD information management method patent, US-6835791-B2: Stretched polypropylene film patent, US-7052781-B2: Flexible copper foil structure and fabrication method thereof patent, US-7180325-B2: Data input buffer in semiconductor device patent, US-7245851-B2: Electrophotographic apparatus patent, US-7525267-B2: Barrier operator controller with optical limit switches patent, US-7530003-B2: Permuting MTR code with ECC without need for second MTR code patent, US-7695958-B2: Cell-filled hollow fiber membranes having modified cross-section patent, US-7811848-B2: Method for forming buried cavities within a semiconductor body, and semiconductor body thus made patent, US-7231509-B2: Extended register bank allocation based on status mask bits set by allocation instruction for respective code block patent, US-7273677-B2: Cationic conductor patent, US-7701135-B2: Organic electroluminescent device with two electrically connected conductive layers respectively disposed on different substrates patent, US-8120725-B2: Liquid crystal display device with particular molding-type substrates patent, US-7172945-B2: Method of manufacturing thin film capacitor patent, US-7184771-B1: Method and system for supplying services to mobile stations in active mode patent, US-7196541-B2: Electronic circuit with array of programmable logic cells patent, US-7293587-B1: Portable fuel assembly patent, US-7709805-B2: Method for generating optical anisotropy in scintillators using pulsed lasers patent, US-8040656-B2: Array variable capacitor apparatus patent, US-8143521-B2: Vertical cable protection and management trough patent, US-8213245-B2: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-6773589-B2: Method and apparatus for removing particulate contaminants from commercial laundry waste water patent, US-6861002-B2: Reactive compositions for fluid treatment patent, US-6949802-B2: ESD protection structure patent, US-6977473-B2: Travel control method of electric vehicle patent, US-7084478-B2: Load resistor with dummy contact substantially free of charge build up during etching process patent, US-7152397-B2: Additional system for assisting regeneration of pollution control means of a motor vehicle patent, US-7413818-B2: Light-emitting device patent, US-7608546-B2: Method for fabricating a semiconductor device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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