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US-8312380-B2: Local map chat patent, US-8374233-B2: IQ-modulation system and method for switched amplifiers patent, US-8467136-B2: Device for transferring optical elements patent, US-8467281-B1: Techniques for identifying devices having slow response times patent, US-8488202-B2: Computer readable medium including digital image print support program, digital image print support apparatus, and digital image print system patent, US-8489261-B2: Method and device for aiding the piloting of an aircraft during a final approach phase patent, US-6731249-B1: Multi-beam-reflector dish antenna and method for production thereof patent, US-7166387-B2: Thin battery with an electrode having a higher strength base portion than a tip portion patent, US-7299821-B2: Reservoir of fuel delivery module having valve protection structure patent, US-7463569-B2: Optical disk apparatus with a wavelength plate having a two-dimensional array of birefringent regions patent, US-7464919-B2: Elastic insertion bearing patent, US-7663776-B2: Document processing apparatus and method patent, US-7689054-B1: Computationally enhanced image recognition device patent, US-8034258-B2: Dense high-speed scintillator material of low afterglow patent, US-8229613-B2: Travel energy learning device, method, and program patent, US-8235197-B2: Seal structure patent, US-8238375-B2: Method and apparatus for transmitting broadcasting information patent, US-8346096-B2: Amplifier, optical receiver circuit, optical module and data exchange system patent, US-8491074-B2: Driving circuit for fluid jet head, driving method for fluid jet head, and fluid jet printing apparatus patent, US-8498432-B2: Digital mixer and method of controlling the same patent, US-7007983-B2: Quick connect coupling patent, US-7028798-B2: Device for opening the bonnet of a motor vehicle patent, US-7032230-B2: Efficient virtual function calls for compiled/interpreted environments patent, US-7036861-B2: Cargo compartment organizer patent, US-7050756-B2: Phone enabled direct response patent, US-7088684-B2: Methods and arrangements for dynamically modifying subsource address multicast data distribution trees patent, US-7192205-B2: Method for reducing printing position error and image forming apparatus using the same patent, US-7267450-B2: Lamp assembly and cooking apparatus having the same patent, US-7279093-B2: Module for removing organic compounds from foaming wastewater by oxidation patent, US-7421449-B2: Systems and methods for managing a life journal patent, US-7434336-B2: Footwear incorporating a self-locking sock patent, US-7474225-B2: Fresh water intake monitoring system and method patent, US-7796198-B2: Display control apparatus of display panel, and display device having display control apparatus patent, US-8006210-B2: Logic transformation and gate placement to avoid routing congestion patent, US-8013973-B2: Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device with scribing groove patent, US-8112252-B2: Control system and methods of verifying operation of at least one wind turbine sensor patent, US-8307075-B2: Method, system and game server for recommending game room patent, US-6801650-B1: Mechanism and method for controlling focal point position of UV light and apparatus and method for inspection patent, US-6807087-B2: Write current shunting compensation patent, US-6944427-B2: Reduced crossmodulation operation of a multimode communication device patent, US-6952227-B2: CMOS image sensor for providing wider dynamic range patent, US-7090487-B2: Catalytic combustor having high cell density patent, US-7147328-B2: Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus patent, US-7253940-B2: Nanoporous and nanocrystalline film and electrochromic device patent, US-7374372-B2: Indexable insert patent, US-7930673-B2: Method for automatic clock gating to save power patent, US-7966508-B2: Mode-switching system and camera patent, US-7969268-B2: Ignition coil with spaced secondary sector windings patent, US-8125234-B2: Probe card assembly patent, US-8261052-B2: Method for storing boot time patent, US-8470683-B2: Method and electronic device for a simplified integration of high precision thinfilm resistors patent, US-6700728-B2: Method and disk drive for enhanced performance in the presence of stationary PES outliers patent, US-6744907-B2: Image capture methods and devices employing steganographic processing patent, US-6899258-B2: Cartridge patent, US-6970663-B2: System and method of image formation on specialty media by altering interpage transfer voltage or current patent, US-7085687-B2: Method and apparatus for manufacturing packaging optimization patent, US-7104274-B2: Fluid control apparatus patent, US-7119016-B2: Deposition of carbon and nitrogen doped poly silicon films, and retarded boron diffusion and improved poly depletion patent, US-7427190-B2: Hydraulic device for pumping molten metal and/or controlling a molten metal flow patent, US-7469818-B2: Banknote acceptor with removable stacker patent, US-7725489-B2: Node for providing a file service to a mobile terminal patent, US-7803309-B2: Infusion monitoring system and method patent, US-7818656-B2: Circuit for comparing two N-digit binary data words patent, US-7922219-B2: Connecting clip patent, US-8001506-B2: SIMD image forming apparatus for minimizing wiring distance between registers and processing devices patent, US-8183532-B2: Cardiac SPECT system with trajectory optimization patent, US-8232512-B2: Method and apparatus for integrating a quantity of light patent, US-6760769-B2: Apparatus and methods for transmitting data at high speed using TCP/IP patent, US-6797699-B1: Neuroprotective agents patent, US-6799030-B2: Method and apparatus for low power operation of an RF wireless modem patent, US-6833311-B2: Manufacturing method for a shallow trench isolation region with high aspect ratio patent, US-6864035-B2: Positive photosensitive resin composition, positive photosensitive dry film and method of forming pattern patent, US-6935651-B2: Binding system for and on a ski or snowboard patent, US-6993253-B2: Heating apparatus with special selective radiant material partially coated thereon patent, US-6998929-B1: Low threshold power frequency selective limiter for GPS patent, US-7062438-B2: Speech synthesis method and apparatus, program, recording medium and robot apparatus patent, US-7315132-B2: Apparatus for driving lamp of liquid crystal display device patent, US-7381941-B2: Contact image sensing module with movement detecting function patent, US-7396649-B2: Migraine and vasodilation treatment patent, US-7480598-B2: Characteristic evaluation apparatus for insulated gate type transistors patent, US-7543727-B2: Circuit breaker arrangement in an indicating arrangement in an electrically powered stapler patent, US-7636076-B2: Four-color transflective color liquid crystal display patent, US-7642081-B2: Lactic acid bacteria and their cellular components inducing immunoregulatory function, and method of obtaining the same patent, US-7720156-B2: Residue image down/up sampling method and apparatus and image encoding/decoding method and apparatus using residue sampling patent, US-7834778-B2: Parking space locator patent, US-8035164-B2: Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus patent, US-8191286-B2: Traction cleat system for an athletic shoe patent, US-8273113-B2: Bone screw patent, US-8301204-B2: Electronic device and computer-readable medium patent, US-8332676-B2: Methods of preparing a power saving state, universal serial bus device and universal serial bus host patent, US-8445597-B2: Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for PDP front filter and use thereof patent, US-8470678-B2: Tensile stress enhancement of nitride film for stressed channel field effect transistor fabrication patent, US-6747544-B2: Electric switch patent, US-6757351-B1: Modified large natural circulation reactor patent, US-6996406-B2: Global positioning family radio service and apparatus patent, US-7188416-B1: Restoration process for porosity defects in high pressure die cast engine blocks patent, US-7274167-B2: Position-recognizing system for self-moving robot patent, US-7290770-B2: Metal laminate gasket patent, US-7333018-B2: Asset location system with enhanced accuracy patent, CN-101748526-B: Agglutinating unit and traversing gear for drafting mechanism patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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